Saturday, December 10, 2011

Dietitian Grocery Deals Dec 10/11

Lots of great coupon deals this week!  Here's what I took advantage of yesterday:

Dominion has a great sale on $1.69 for select Kellogg's cereals.  The healthiest of those choices in my opinion?  Raisin Bran- lots of fiber and not too much sugar.  What's great about this is they also have a coupon on the board outside for Buy3Get$3 off!  Sale + coupon= $.69 boxes of cereal!  

Second great deal at Dominion (and also No Frills this week) is Del Monte canned vegetables.  I got $1 coupons straight from the manufacturer.  On sale $.80 each, or 4/$5 + $1 coupons = PROFIT of $.20 each.  

Other healthy deals on my grocery list this week:
Asana (higher calcium) yogurt Regular price $4.49, on sale $2.99 + $.50 coupon from Gocoupons, paid $2.50
Pomegranates 3$5 (Always check the 50% off rack!  I picked these up $2.50 for 3.  They were in great condition as a lot of the 50% stuff sometimes is)

BOGO Blackberries $3.99      goes great with the Raisin Bran!
Carnation Milk 4/$5 + buy3get$1 off coupon from Ziploc last week, $1 each
BOGO hummus $3.99
BOGO Minute Maid OJ $3.69

Coleman's & Bidgoods
$3.99 7lb Red Robin flour with $1 coupon also from Ziploc last week, $2.99

No Frills
2.3kg Clementines $3.97
Cabbage & Turnip $.49/lb

Smart bread regular price $3.29, on sale 50% off + Buy2Save$2 from facebook, $1.29 for 2 loaves!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Weekend Deals December 2/2012

Some of the stuff I picked up Friday for next to nothing!  Check it out:

Regular price of these cereals at No Frills $5.99 each + tax, but they were on sale this week for $2 each.
With the sale price and using the coupons to the right, I got the $17.97 of whole grain, NL school food guideline approved cereal for free and paid only taxes :)

KD Smart was is on sale this week at Dominion for $1.  Ok, I know KD isn't the healthiest choice... but if you are going to have it you might as well serve the higher fibre choice (i.e. KD Smart). just had $.75 coupons for KD Smart, so these actually rang in at $0.25 each plus taxes.

Last but not least are the limited edition Ziploc containers.  So you're probably thinking ok these don't have much to do with healthy eating... but I will use them to make yummy and good-for-you Christmas treats for my grandparents instead of a box of chocolates or cookies.
These were also on sale at Dominion this week, $3.49 each.  I picked them up Friday when there was no tax throughout the store AND used the coupon to buy3get1free.
Total price paid = $10.47 for $15.74 worth.  
They also came with $20 worth of coupons ($5 per pack) for items like Splenda, Robin Hood Flour, Carnation milk and Simply Egg Whites.  

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Looking to save $ but still eat healthy?

It can certainly be a challenge, but you've come to the right place!  Welcome to Fat Pockets Skinny Waistlines.  This blog is all about a journey combining my two passions: eating well and saving money!  Join me (a registered dietitian and money saving enthusiast) as I use some shopping cart and couponing smarts to track down local food deals for my family- all while staying on a budget and of course being nutritious and delicious.

Cheers to healthy and wealth!