Saturday, February 25, 2012

BOGO the deals

I always love when Sobeys has their BOGO sale.  It's a great time to use coupons on those items you are getting 2 for the price of 1.  This week we managed to use A LOT of coupons on sale items to save really big.  Probably one of our biggest savings in a grocery trip since I started couponing, saving 46% on our bill.  

Here's a list of what we picked up:
2 x Sunlight Laundry = $6.99 +BOGO
Lipton Tea Bags 100 count = $6.49 - $4 (free product) coupon
4 x SoyDream (regular $2.99 each) = 2x  $2.99 BOGO + 2x $1 on product coupons I found in store= out of pocket costs $0.99 each.  Fortified soy milk is an excellent alternate to regular cow milk, plus it often goes on sale and you can usually find coupons for it. 
Pam = $4.89 - $1 coupon
12 Lrg Eggs = $3.69 - $2 coupon when you buy Pam
Kraft Mooza Cheesestrings = $5.59 - free product coupon 
2 x Royale bath tissue = $6.99 + BOGO
Compliments Naan bread = $3.19 + BOGO
Crackerbarrel Old Cheddar Singles = $4.29 - free product coupon
4 x Alymer Accents Tomatoes =2 x $2.19 + BOGO -$1 coupon -2 x $.50 coupons = out of pocket costs $0.60 each. 
Kraft Dill Cream Cheese = $3.89 - free product coupon
Triscuit crackers = $2.79 - free product coupon
2 x Catelli Pasta Sauce = $2.99 + BOGO
Compliments 398ml Canned pineapple = $1.11
VH Stir-fry sauce = 2/$5
Baby Tomatoes = $3.97
Baby Bok Choy = $3.08
Oranges = $6.49 + BOGO Apples (value $5.47)
2 x English Cucumber = $2.99 + BOGO
Romaine Lettuce = $4.49

Total paid = $66.83 (we used a $25 gift card from the holidays, so we ended up paying $41.83 out of pocket) 
Total cost of items bought = $123.50
Savings = $56.67 (with gift card $81.67)

Essentially with our savings, it was like getting everything in this picture for free! :) 

If you're taking part in the BOGO sales this week some things to keep an eye out for:
BOGO Alymer tomotoes - some of the cans have $0.50 coupons on the labels
BOGO Soy Dream - some of the 946ml cartons have 41 peelie coupons attached

I noticed as well there were a lot of coupons on tear pads in Sobeys this week as well : Trop50 juice, Biobest drinkable yogurt, Asana yogurt, & Dempsters bagels we some of the few I picked up for future trips.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

It's been a while since I made a post.  I've been away a bit for work, but also, we've been using up some of the food that we've had in our cupboards and pantry as there haven't been that many great healthy food coupon deals lately (in my opinion at least)!

Here's some of the stuff we picked up this week with deals and coupons:

No Frills 
Total spent $17.77 
Coupon savings $9.14  (about 34% of total)
Savings from sales ? (maybe I should start figuring this out as they really have great deals here and I'm sure you can save a lot)!

Coupons used were for free Oasis (off a juice bottle some time back), free flavored tuna, $2 off Vector from Websaver, and $0.75 off Wonder + bread from flyer inserts.

All the veggies were $1, or $2 and beans 69 cents.  And who says you can't eat healthy on a budget??? :)

Shoppers amount spent for product seen $11.41

Free product coupons for kashi cereal (off box), kashi granola bars (when you buy the cereal) from websaver in the past, and Halls for $0.10 from facebook.

Tuna were all 99cents each, but if you wait until this weekend the unflavored Shopper brand goes on sale for 69cents- good deal!  

We ending up buying a few other things as well, and total coupon savings with sales and coupons at this store was $35.10.  Among that was Physicians Formula make-up, which right now there are high value mail in rebates for. Combine that with the current 40% off they have on now at Shoppers, you can not only eat great on a budget but look great too!