Monday, June 25, 2012

Nothing better for warm sunny weather than tubs of free ice cream

It's been a while since I've posted. Things around here have been pretty exciting, and expensive lately. A dream wedding, honeymoon and now back to reality and paying bills  :)

With all the excitement and preparation for those big life events there's been little time left for couponing and deal finding, but now that we're getting back into the normal routine, my healthy eating and money saving ways shall return. Here's a few deals I picked up over the weekend:

Sobeys Chapman Ice Cream. Regular price is up to $5.49 and this week on sale for $2.49
With the $5 coupon I was able to request from the company (yes, simply by sending a friendly 'hello, I like your products, can you please mail me a coupon) we got 2 tubs for free, saved $10.58 and made $0.02. 

Also picked up 2 cans of Alymer tomatoes. Not that I had planned to get them or really needed them, but just because it was a good deal. With the Websaver coupon from some time back we got both cans for $1, a $3.78 savings.