Monday, January 16, 2012

No Frills & Shoppers Deals this Week

Picked up GREAT deals this weekend which I'm excited to share!

Shoppers is a great place to get eggs for good prices.  Right now they're on sale for $2.59 (for 12).  If you combine that with the coupon that's out there now you can save $1 when you buy 2 dozen.

Some great cereal deals at No Frills now too.  If you were able to take advantage of the buy2get1free coupons for cereal just before the holidays this would be an excellent time to use them.  Here's how I made the most of mine:
Raisin Bran, on sale for $2
Raisin Bran, on sale for $2
Muselix, regular price $4.99 = FREE with Buy2 Raisin Bran box coupon
Rice Krispies, on sale $2 + $2.50 coupon in recent Kellogg's Holiday giftpack = $0.50 PROFIT
Rice Krispies Treats, regular price = FREE with Rice Krispies box purchase coupon
Buy3Save$3 coupon on shelf tear pad                               
 =$0.50 for all 5 boxes!!!
You might get questioned by the cashier, but the thing to remember and remind them is that you can use one original (and duplicate) coupon per item.  I.e. 4 coupons for the five different boxes above. 

Overall from No Frills & Shoppers on Saturday:

Total value of groceries seen= +$59.79
(I don't have all the regular prices accounted for in produce here, so savings may be actually higher)

Total paid, by using sales & coupons=$30.83
Over 51% savings!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A New Appreciation for Big Box Stores

As a dietitian I'm used to the popular notion that larger food packaging = increased likeliness to overeat, given it's a little harder to estimate proper portion size.  For this reason and the fact that you can usually get better coupon deals on smaller packaging, I've been avoiding the big box stores.  However, I was left with no choice this weekend when my fiancĂ©e decided to get new glasses at Costco.

Despite not being able to use the regular coupons (and only the ones in store), I can across some good produce and perishable deals, and am happy to say I look forward to shopping there again!

My favorite purchase?

Regular Yogurt (which is always cheaper than the flavoured btw)  2kg for only $5.49

The container is a little larger than the regular size we would see in the grocery store.  Based on some very rough calculations, it would be similar to paying $2.06 /tub 

There's a $55 membership fee, but if you have several mouths to feed and think you'll save more than that amount by shopping there/year it's certainly worth the initial investment 
- just remember to be conscious of portion size, and not eat more just because it's available!


Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Year = New Resolution to Save Even More Grocery $$$

It's been a while since I last posted.  As I'm sure like everyone else, things have been pretty busy with the holidays and New Year.  Now that things are starting to get back to normal, and given it is a new year I've made it my mission even more to focus on buying healthy food for cheap.  Here's what I picked up this week and over the holidays:

All 3 of these were from free product coupons online or off product packaging.  The best thing?  They were all FREE.  I think this goes to show that using a coupon here or there can really pay off

Original cost of those items= $5.49 +$4.99+ $2.99  = $13.47 savings

Oh, and as you can probably see from the picture the cereal came with $5 worth of Kellogg's coupons too!  Profit $5

The other thing I've been buying a lot of lately is 50% off foods.  I've been surprised to find that many times they are actually fairly good quality.  I'm also shopping later in the night, which by observation seems to be when most products are marked 50% off.  Perhaps it's to sell off day old bread and other foods nearing their Before Before date.  So be sure to check the 50% racks!  I bought bananas a over the holidays that were in a 50% off bag that were yellow, not brown, because the store was making room for the overly ripe green ones.  I'll take some yellow bananas over green any day!

The best thing about 50% off food is when you can combine a coupon, or purchase something 50% that is on sale you save even more $$$.  

It's my fav way to get grocery deals for cheap :)

Some of my fav deals over the holidays?

Hummus on the left was regular $3.99. 50% off this + $0.75 coupon made it only $1.25, 69% savings.   
Lettuce on the right was on sale for $0.98.  50% off that came to $0.49, 75% savings from the regular price.  

Cheers to health and saving money in 2012!!!